Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What is in a name?

Good men must die, but death cannot kill their names..

Hey everyone, is it friday yet?!

So this week seems to be going by abnormally slow, I have a busy weekend ahead of me, so maybe I should soak in the slow moving week...Who knows..

Yesterday was probably the most fun I've had in a while on WoW. I did 10 man ulduar with my guild. The group of people were comprised of newer members, Alts, and some senior members helping out or getting new gear for their off-specs. Since this content is easier then what they are used to, we just totally had fun with it. It gave the newer members, like me, a chance to learn the content and gear up. I got to know the guild better, it was just an overall great experience. Thanks for having me!

But to get to the point of this post...Today I was at work wondering what to blog about, then a question popped into my head, How do certain people pick their character names? I mean seriously, some of the ones I've seen are pretty creative, funny and cute. Do they base them of TV, Movies, Books? Do they base them off of their real names or their friends? How and why do people name their characters? If you're reading this post below in the comments and tell me and the other readers (even though there aren't very many) why and how you came up with your name.

My favorite movie since I was a kid, and still is....The Little Mermaid. If you are a member of any of the same forums as I am, my avatar is always Ariel. One of Ariel's (The Little Mermaid) sisters is named Alannah. I've always thought this was a gorgeous name, so when I started going online alot, My username was Alannah for the most part, then...I forget what site it was, Alannah was taken! So I thought about it and made just a newer version of it...Alannya. Epic story, i know. You can pronounce it AH-LAWN-YA or AH-LAWN-AH, either was is good for me. I attached a graphic with me holding a sign with my WoW character name on it...I'm a dork what can I say!

So thanks for reading, and I can't wait to find out the story behind peoples names!



  1. Honestly I go by Icedragon for other online accounts on other websites, so I just used it. Then I found out that I was on a ROLEPLAY server and had to fit a Kal'dorei druid to the seemingly odd name.

    Ice = pale blue skin, looks cold like ice
    Dragon = claw-like tattoos on her face, kinda like dragon claws

    Ta-dah. Quickie idea that's lasted years. As for my alts I NEVER pay attention if someone calls me by a name other than "Ice" so I have Icebird, Icefrog, Icebear...etc. Ice + animal.

    I'm easy to find on a /who search. Averna over at Nerf This Druid found my bank alt one night XD

  2. My main character name is from a book written by Michael Moorcock, who wrote the Elric of Melinbone series. The name is Sojan and every game I have played I have used that name. I often use it in evryday life as well. Sojan is a human rogue that plays on Elune.

    Avengelina is my Paladin, The name is from Avengelyne a fallen angel from the comic of the same name.

    Another name I use alot is kirrah. I wanted to name my daughter that but my ex didn't like it as much as Brianna. So my Shadow priest is named Kirrah as well as my Sheltie, whom I also call baby girl.

    Ixthalion is my Death Knight which I got from lord of the rings. Boromir, son of Denthor, whose father was Ecthalion. I like my version better.

    I really have issues when naming toons and I am VERY picky. Here are other names I use.

    Dregan - Dwarf Hunter (Elune)
    Zandramus - Human Warrior (Elune)
    Mystara - Human Mage (Elune)
    Jhorael - Human Rogue (Elune)
    Nazalia - Dranei Shaman (Elune)
    Carnage - Blood Elf DK (Sisters of Elune)
    Wraith - Blood Elf Rogue (Sisters of Elune)
    Midnight - Undead Rogue (Gorefiend)

  3. I use Lothario for my holy type people like clerics or Paladins for the obvious irony.

    I also like Irish/Scottish culture cause it is a part of my heritage that gets looked over so I use gaelic names a lot cause its so interesting to me.

    Seamus pronounced SHAY MUS