Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Little Kitty, Big Raid

It can only go up from here...

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I had a very exciting start to my week yesterday! I was in my first Ulduar 25 man run! I know, I know, most people are working on their 100th Ulduar run, but I'm behind in the game! It was a great, exhausting, confusing, fulfilling experience! We started out with doing Hodir. With the Raid leaders stressing not to get flash-frozen, of course, in true Alannya fashion, I was flash-frozen many times. But I found out if you shape shift it will break you free, so I did that before people noticed! That fight was probably the one I had the most troubles with, just because it was a lot of moving for my first raid fight!

After that we moved on to Mimiron....Can I be the first to say, I suck at any frogger type games in WoW! The ones where you have to run from one side to another while avoiding bombs or anything. I basically just closed my eyes and pressed the arrow key. When we got there, I lasted a bit killing the boss section. Avoiding the lasers and staying behind the target, then when melee is supposed to run away, I ran onto a bomb and BAM. I died. So that was the end of that fight for me.

Soon after that we did Freya, Which is my FAVVVORITE fight, first of all because shes a girl, and Girl Power huzzah! And also because I like the different layers of the fights. Then we moved to Thorim, which Was semi-fun, it had an arena feel to it, which was boring because I TOC alot. We downed him pretty fast so nothing really to mention here.

Lastly after killing all of the Keepers of Ulduar we moved onto the General. Can I just say, There is too much trash in that room, it might not be a terrible amount, but it was torture seeing the boss right there and having to kill 3-4 sets of trash before we could start his fight. Besides me aggroing a Faceless creature, that fight was very easy for me since melee just uses the boss as a training dummy.

We ended there for the night, but over all I had a great time. I know you must be saying to yourself that I'm terrible raider, and you are right! But everyone starts from somewhere, I like not knowing things in WoW...It always gives me something to look forward to. So thanks to my guild for letting me in to their raid, even though I'm not up with the progression really...It was a lot of fun and I learned tons!

Achievements I earned:

The Keepers of Ulduar (25 Man)
I'll Take You All On (25 Man)
I Have The Coolest Friends (25 Man)
Staying Buffed All Winter (25 Man)

Feel free to comment/email or talk to me in game!


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  1. You did great and I am proud of you!