Sunday, September 27, 2009

Call of the Druid

Be who you want to be, Not what others want to see...

Hey everyone,

So it is the second day of my blog, and not much is going on today, It is sunday, the weather outside is rainy. As I sat in the Moonglade, I decided I should write about why I chose to be a druid and why I stuck with it until today.

It all started when I decided to come back to WoW and really give it a go. I wanted to finally get to the level cap for once! I was talking to an old friend and I was asking him all sorts of questions like: "What class fits my personality?" "What class do you like?" "What class levels the fastest"...and after about 50 or so questions (or what seemed like 50 or so questions to him...) He finally told me to stop asking questions and roll a druid. He said that druids have something for everyone. The class of druid is an amazing class. You start out on a single path, fighting with few magic spells, then you have the ability to become a bear which can see slow, but it is excitingly new. Then at level 20, you get the biggest ego booster there is...Cat form! This shoots your DPS sky high and gives you a new confidence.

After you level as cat for a bit you come to a 3 way street. This is probably the epitome of what Druids really are. You can choose one of these paths (Feral, Moonkin, Resto) and journey your way through Azeroth as one (or two with dual-spec) but you can always return to the 3 way street and re-choose your destiny. This was the most appealing thing to me as a new Druid. I had the versatility and ability to be who I wanted to be whenever I wanted to be it. Tank, DPS, Ranged, name it, I can spec it!

Now being a 20 year old female, My mood changes A LOT, sorry boys but most girls are like this! So one day if i am feeling fiesty I will be my main spec, Feral Dps. Or if another day, I'm feeling more sentimental, I'll be the Tree and heal my party. And maybe if one day down the road, im sick of melee I will change to Ranged dps. There are so many options, its almost overwhelming, but this is why I will always be a druid at heart. I can be who I want to be, whenever I want to be.

So that is all for today, versatility is the key to any relationship, with others and yourself!

See you around


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