Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What is in a name?

Good men must die, but death cannot kill their names..

Hey everyone, is it friday yet?!

So this week seems to be going by abnormally slow, I have a busy weekend ahead of me, so maybe I should soak in the slow moving week...Who knows..

Yesterday was probably the most fun I've had in a while on WoW. I did 10 man ulduar with my guild. The group of people were comprised of newer members, Alts, and some senior members helping out or getting new gear for their off-specs. Since this content is easier then what they are used to, we just totally had fun with it. It gave the newer members, like me, a chance to learn the content and gear up. I got to know the guild better, it was just an overall great experience. Thanks for having me!

But to get to the point of this post...Today I was at work wondering what to blog about, then a question popped into my head, How do certain people pick their character names? I mean seriously, some of the ones I've seen are pretty creative, funny and cute. Do they base them of TV, Movies, Books? Do they base them off of their real names or their friends? How and why do people name their characters? If you're reading this post below in the comments and tell me and the other readers (even though there aren't very many) why and how you came up with your name.

My favorite movie since I was a kid, and still is....The Little Mermaid. If you are a member of any of the same forums as I am, my avatar is always Ariel. One of Ariel's (The Little Mermaid) sisters is named Alannah. I've always thought this was a gorgeous name, so when I started going online alot, My username was Alannah for the most part, then...I forget what site it was, Alannah was taken! So I thought about it and made just a newer version of it...Alannya. Epic story, i know. You can pronounce it AH-LAWN-YA or AH-LAWN-AH, either was is good for me. I attached a graphic with me holding a sign with my WoW character name on it...I'm a dork what can I say!

So thanks for reading, and I can't wait to find out the story behind peoples names!


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Little Kitty, Big Raid

It can only go up from here...

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I had a very exciting start to my week yesterday! I was in my first Ulduar 25 man run! I know, I know, most people are working on their 100th Ulduar run, but I'm behind in the game! It was a great, exhausting, confusing, fulfilling experience! We started out with doing Hodir. With the Raid leaders stressing not to get flash-frozen, of course, in true Alannya fashion, I was flash-frozen many times. But I found out if you shape shift it will break you free, so I did that before people noticed! That fight was probably the one I had the most troubles with, just because it was a lot of moving for my first raid fight!

After that we moved on to Mimiron....Can I be the first to say, I suck at any frogger type games in WoW! The ones where you have to run from one side to another while avoiding bombs or anything. I basically just closed my eyes and pressed the arrow key. When we got there, I lasted a bit killing the boss section. Avoiding the lasers and staying behind the target, then when melee is supposed to run away, I ran onto a bomb and BAM. I died. So that was the end of that fight for me.

Soon after that we did Freya, Which is my FAVVVORITE fight, first of all because shes a girl, and Girl Power huzzah! And also because I like the different layers of the fights. Then we moved to Thorim, which Was semi-fun, it had an arena feel to it, which was boring because I TOC alot. We downed him pretty fast so nothing really to mention here.

Lastly after killing all of the Keepers of Ulduar we moved onto the General. Can I just say, There is too much trash in that room, it might not be a terrible amount, but it was torture seeing the boss right there and having to kill 3-4 sets of trash before we could start his fight. Besides me aggroing a Faceless creature, that fight was very easy for me since melee just uses the boss as a training dummy.

We ended there for the night, but over all I had a great time. I know you must be saying to yourself that I'm terrible raider, and you are right! But everyone starts from somewhere, I like not knowing things in WoW...It always gives me something to look forward to. So thanks to my guild for letting me in to their raid, even though I'm not up with the progression really...It was a lot of fun and I learned tons!

Achievements I earned:

The Keepers of Ulduar (25 Man)
I'll Take You All On (25 Man)
I Have The Coolest Friends (25 Man)
Staying Buffed All Winter (25 Man)

Feel free to comment/email or talk to me in game!


Monday, September 28, 2009

Kitty Cat Bootcamp

Practice makes purrrfect

Hello Everyone,

So yesterday was a very interesting yet fruitful day! I had a "Training session" with a guildmate, Kyl. She is a feral druid as well, she soars to the top of the dps charts, can tank extremely well and knows all the odds and ends that come with being a feral druid. After running the daily heroic, she offered to give me a Cat training session, I was nervous but I took her up on her offer.

I made my way to the Stormwind practice dummies, and logged on vent and she began teaching. She was so nice and I really do thank her for taking the time (and patience, cause I tend to ask a lot of questions, so patience was good!) to teach me about the different addon's that are useful, a great dps rotation, and certain rules of thumb. Some of my findings were that um...what I was doing prior to this session were completely wrong! A cat's dps depends heavily on the bleeding and DoT abilities. Most people know this, but me being me....didn't.

I now use for addon's (including the new ones from yesterday:

  • Badkitty by MeisBarry - General cat timers and such
  • NugComboBar by d87 - Easier placement of combo points
  • AtlasLoot by Daveish
  • Prat by sylvanaar
  • Xperl Unit frames by Zeksie
  • Statusbars2 by GopherYurgens
  • Deadly Boss Mods by Tandanu
  • And some basic ones (Cartographer, TomTom, Questhelper, Outfitter and Omen)
So for now I'm pretty comfortable with my UI... it will change again, I know it will, but what UI doesn't? But a huge thanks to Kyl for helping me out!

So that's all for today, thanks for reading!

(PS Thanks Romple for the enchants and gem help I needed!)


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Call of the Druid

Be who you want to be, Not what others want to see...

Hey everyone,

So it is the second day of my blog, and not much is going on today, It is sunday, the weather outside is rainy. As I sat in the Moonglade, I decided I should write about why I chose to be a druid and why I stuck with it until today.

It all started when I decided to come back to WoW and really give it a go. I wanted to finally get to the level cap for once! I was talking to an old friend and I was asking him all sorts of questions like: "What class fits my personality?" "What class do you like?" "What class levels the fastest"...and after about 50 or so questions (or what seemed like 50 or so questions to him...) He finally told me to stop asking questions and roll a druid. He said that druids have something for everyone. The class of druid is an amazing class. You start out on a single path, fighting with few magic spells, then you have the ability to become a bear which can see slow, but it is excitingly new. Then at level 20, you get the biggest ego booster there is...Cat form! This shoots your DPS sky high and gives you a new confidence.

After you level as cat for a bit you come to a 3 way street. This is probably the epitome of what Druids really are. You can choose one of these paths (Feral, Moonkin, Resto) and journey your way through Azeroth as one (or two with dual-spec) but you can always return to the 3 way street and re-choose your destiny. This was the most appealing thing to me as a new Druid. I had the versatility and ability to be who I wanted to be whenever I wanted to be it. Tank, DPS, Ranged, name it, I can spec it!

Now being a 20 year old female, My mood changes A LOT, sorry boys but most girls are like this! So one day if i am feeling fiesty I will be my main spec, Feral Dps. Or if another day, I'm feeling more sentimental, I'll be the Tree and heal my party. And maybe if one day down the road, im sick of melee I will change to Ranged dps. There are so many options, its almost overwhelming, but this is why I will always be a druid at heart. I can be who I want to be, whenever I want to be.

So that is all for today, versatility is the key to any relationship, with others and yourself!

See you around


Saturday, September 26, 2009


It's been a long a winding journey so far, and I've decided to share my thoughts with you.

Hello everyone, Thank you for reading my blog!

My name is Alannya, I am just a regular girl with a passion for knowledge and gaming. If you stumbled upon this blog, I'm assuming you are part of the World of Warcraft community! We once were the few, but over the years the game has expanded and has become, what some might epidemic. I'm starting this blog, as a place to keep my memories, findings, experiences and thoughts as I travel through Azeroth and also, real life.

I don't know much about WoW, I probably can't teach you much...but I'll try to take you along on my journey of becoming a better Druid and WoW player. Boring? Maybe...Real? Of course.

So a little about me... I am a Feral Druid on the US server of Elune. I'm not originally from this server, but as far as I can see, this will be my permanent home. I recently hit level 80, about 3 weeks ago. So you can find me doing heroics, 10man raiding or sitting in Moonglade!

I have few friends on WoW, mostly for lack of trying, but I hope this blog expands that area of my life in many great ways. I belong to the guild From Accounting and they are a great group of far! I've been inspired by many people throughout my wow journey, but mostly by one of the most brilliant druids out there, can find her blog located on the sidebar or

Well that was a confusing bunch of information thrown at you, but I think all introductory posts are! So if your reading this, feel free to contact me and tell me what you think!

See you on Elune!

<3~ Alannya