Friday, October 2, 2009

Magical Friends.

When all my strength is gone, I look to you...

Thank God Its Friday!

Finally the week has come to an end and I can finally start my weekend! Besides working, I haven't done much this week in my real life. But on WoW I've raided my first 10man TOC, 10man VOA, and successfully seen and defeated all the bosses of Ulduar (Besides Yogg actually...). But since there isn't much news that is going on, I decided to make another random thought post.

This post is about online friends. What makes these relationships so powerful? I know I trust some of my online friends almost as much, or more then people that I've grown up with. Does the distance between two people mean anything? Or is it just an excuse people use to be anti-online friend. I've always thought that people are still people, no matter if you can see them or not, so the feelings are real. I know people lie, but they lie in real life to! I my self have been a victim of online stalking, and yes it is very scary, but you can't let one creep ruin an experience that is great for you.

My online friends mean so much to me, they aren't even "online"friends anymore, they are just...friends. WoW has given literally millions of people opportunities to be themselves and meet people who they wouldn't normally meet in real life. So thank you Blizzard even though you nerf a lot of things in game!!! You have done a great deed in bringing people together. In a game full of dragons, wisps, elves and magic...being one click away from a life long friendship....that is the true magic of this game.

Love you all,


(ps. isn't that picture of the otters holding hands so cute, I had to put it up!)

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  1. Online friends is something I know about. I have made friends online by chat rooms and playing games as well. I have met in person a fair number of people I have encountered on the internet. I am still friends with many of them and I have dated a few as well and even married one. The one thing about online friends is that the is a "safety net", if things get weird you can always pull the plug on it, there is usually a distance which keeps us safe. The can be a level of honesty by making online friends that is hard to repeat in "real life" simply because you have less to fear, such as negative feedback or regection. Some people that would never be friends in " real life" have become amazing online friends. Wow is a great too for creating and maintaining online relationships and for some layers thats the sole reason they continue the game even if the get bored with it. Blizzard counts on this for their continual source of revenue. All MMO's have this but I believe WoW excels by making a great game as well. This was a great blog by the way, my online friend :)